About Imprint and My Fantastic Place

My Fantastic Place invites children, families and staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital to share their favourite fantastical places in nature, whether real, dreamt or imagined.

Through different creative activities participants are invited to whisk us off to their unique places, spaces and worlds, guiding us through their favourite things to see, hear and do and introducing us to their creature friends, and the feelings they experience when they’re there.

Imprint and Great Ormond Street Hospital invite you to join them, and share your own Fantastic Places in nature.

Find out more about Imprint here.

My Fantastic Place was commissioned by GOSH Arts and is supported by Arts Council England and runs from April to August 2021.

GOSH Arts is the award-winning arts and cultural programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. Their public art commissions, exhibitions, collection and participatory programme improve the wellbeing and hospital experience for patients, families and staff. GOSH Arts is funded by the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like my photos to be in a particular order.
You can create your own slide show or gallery and send your Creation to us like that. Or, you can number your images so that we can put them together

How do I know when My Fantastic Place is on the map?
We’ll send you an email to let you know that your My Fantastic Place Creation is on the map. Make sure to check for an email from mfp@imprintcreative.org. We’ll also send you a link to your spot on the map so you can go straight there, and celebrate your Fantastic Place!

What happens once I send you my media?
The information you’ve given us and the media you’ve sent will come to us via email.

We’ll check and upload what you’ve sent to us and plot it on the map you’ve chosen. If you’ve sent lots of media, we’ll plot the ones that really tell the story of your Fantastic Place.

I’m going to add some music to my film. 
All the images and film need to be your own. We don’t have a PRS licence which means that we can’t share licensed images or sound. So, it’s best to use your own! If you send us a Creation with licensed music we’ll share it on the map without the sound.

How long does the My Fantastic Place project last?
You can share your Creations on My Fantastic Place from Friday April 9th until Friday 27th August 2021.

Can I make more that one My Fantastic Place?
Yes you can! There are so many fabulous places in nature that are real and in our imaginations, so make some more and share them with us.

Can I make a Fantastic Place Creation with others?
That would be brilliant! We explore in a lot of our Fantastic Places with others, so making something together and sharing it on a map would be amazing. Who are you going to choose…?

Can I see all My Fantastic Places together?
Yes. Every time you send us a new My Fantastic Place Creation, we’ll add them to your very own My Fantastic Place archive. So wherever your Fantastic Places are on any of the three amazing maps, you’ll be able to click on your spot and all of your Creations will pop up in the window.

And, if you make a Fantastic Place Creation with others, they will appear in everyone’s archive, so each of the creators can celebrate their Creations with others.

My Fantastic Place isn't supported on Internet Explorer at the moment. Please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox in the meantime, thanks!